What are Provisional Patents?

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Provisional patents serve as a placeholder for later patent applications. If your provisional patent is accepted, you can eventually convert it to a nonprovisional application, but this process typically takes a year or more.

In general, David J. Kreher, Attorney at Law doesn't recommend that our clients proceed with provisional patents. We've found that most individuals who come to us already have an idea developed enough for a nonprovisional patent.

Based out of Cordova, Shelby County, TN, we act as a remote patent attorney for inventors throughout the state.

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Most companies, businesses, investors and potential backers expect to see a full patent - or at the very least a patent application - before they fund a project. If you're thinking about filing for a provisional patent, you should contact David J. Kreher, Attorney at Law first. We may be able to recommend a better course of action.

Our remote patent attorney has 17+ years of experience and an in-depth technical background. If you're confused about patents, David is here to help.